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The Challenge Facing CHROs in Mid-Sized Organizations

Everything from basic compensation and benefits through more detailed rewards systems make up just one sphere of the Chief Human Resources Officer’s areas of responsibilities. They are called on also to help the Chief Executive and others in senior management align the structure of the organization with the organization’s goals and to drive this through the performance and talent systems that are used to assess and inspire individual contributors throughout the organization. In many cases, they also oversee the training and development function.

HR topics such as these come up regularly in discussions with CEOs who are members of CEO Connection, and often the comment follows from the CEOs that they need to talk with their CHROs. This places an unnecessary burden on the CEO to be the conduit and separates the CHRO from the CEO’s peers within CEO Connection (where the conversation originated) as well as the experts who engage the CEOs at the meetings and the Mid-Market Convention on these and other meaningful HR topics.

The CEOC CHRO Forum provides your CHRO with the opportunity to:

  • Discuss talent management issues common to mid-market companies.

  • Share information, resources, and connections.

  • Suggest and create programs and solutions that the CEO Connection Talent Management Committee can implement.

CHROs also face the challenge of finding a peer group that comprises those in similarly sized, mid-market organizations as well as one that addresses the issues the CEO members in their organization recognize. To contact your PCC, please send an email to

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