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By harnessing the collective power of the mid-market, CEO Connection is able to give you exclusive access to people, information, resources, and opportunities usually only available to Fortune 500 companies.

Further, where most membership organizations are passive ~ they provide an array of benefits and services but it is up to every member to remember to find them and to use them ~ CEO Connection is not a typical organization.

We assign our Platinum and Corporate members a Personal CEO Connector (PCC) whose sole responsibility is to leverage the organization on your behalf to ensure a tangible return on your investment.

Our memberships are designed to take a minimal amount of your time and provide maximum results.


It’s lonely at the top … Now you can be alone together. Through our community, you can connect with other CEOs who have knowledge you need, who have experienced something you’re going through, or have connections they can share with you … It may even just be someone we know you will like. Click here to see who you can meet and how you can meet them. 


Information is power. One idea can save you millions of dollars or make you millions of dollars. What if you could harness the collective wisdom of a community of thousands of CEOs running companies like yours and experts who usually provide their expertise only to the very largest of companies? How much is that worth?  Click here to see what you can learn and how you can learn it.


There is strength in numbers. By leveraging the combined purchasing power of the thousands of members in our community, CEO Connection membership can do certain things better collectively than you can do on your own. As such, we give you access to exclusive services that can save you money and make you money.  Click here to see what you can access and how you can access it. 



If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. How do you find customers, new roles, board seats, innovation, talent, etc.? Opportunities come from many different sources. Often it is who you know. Someone passes a lead. Someone makes an introduction or sends something your way. We have built an infrastructure to democratize the old boy network and we make it available to you.  Click here to see some of the unique opportunities available to you and how you can access them.