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Recent Requests


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1. CEO of $600m Pharmacy CoOp seeking insight on distribution options.


What alternates are there to UPS/FedEx or how best to maximize efficacy with these companies.



2. CEO of $300m Staffing Company companies with large manufacturing spaces and need people too move their products.


Request is most specifically in these industries: Beauty, Fragrance, Department Stores, Retail, and Food Packaging and Beverage/Spirits.



3. CEO of $150m Measuring Device and Control company seeking to connect with any control processes companies for industry benchmarking.


Request is most specifically in these areas: Pharmaceutical, Food/Beverage, HVAC, Water and Waste Water.



4. CEO of $250m data mining and research company can help organizations who don't know what to do with their data and drive better decision-making.


Specific sectors include state government, foundations, commercial healthcare providers and healthcare systems. 



5. CEO of a $80m Global Philanthropy Management company is seeking to support companies with a culture of giving.  


Through Growfund, a Philanthropic 401k they can allow an employee to have their own foundation, make charitable donations - all aligned with the company's.



6. CEO of $700m Engineering Services company seeking insight in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  


CEO looking for lay of the land, opportunity, insight, partnership and collaboration in these 2 areas. Looking specifically for green investors, sustainability, infrastructure, and insurance companies.



7. CEO of $240m Education Co-Op company seeking data insight.


Company has built a business info system to better distinguish themselves competitively in pricing and purchasing. Now what to do with all that data? How and who pulls it all together without being a strain on company time and resources?



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