Your PCC Will Get Things Done for You, Not Give You More Things to Do



O Connection Premium members have access to a Personal CEO Connector (PCC). Your PCC will ensure that you use your membership effectively by getting things done for you, not giving you more things to do.


Your PCC serves as your concierge, with the sole responsibility to leverage the organization on your behalf, to make connections with just the right members, partners, and resources.


The actions your PCC will take on your behalf include:

  • Arranging the best use of CEO Connection resources to give you and your company unique access to the people, information, resources, and opportunities that will provide you with the most value.
  • Identifying the CEO peers who would be fruitful (or simply enjoyable) for you to meet, and will make introductions.
  • Ensuring your early registration in limited-attendee events.

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The unique service provided by your PCC is a major competitive advantage for you and your company. Sign up above to take full advantage of this exclusive benefit.