Joining a Board: Benefits to Consider

As a CEO or company president (or both), you operate in the busy, often unpredictable, rapid-growth realm of the mid-market. You bring your best self to the workplace each day and contribute the the lion’s share of your energy, time, and passion to the organization you care about the most: your own. Given these demands, many company leaders simply feel maxed out, to put it mildly.

So if you’re asked to join the board of a non-profit or corporation, your first response might be, “I wish I could, but it is not not a priority for me right now.” Yet, you have noticed that some of the most respected CEOs with the widest and highest levels of influence often have a long list of board responsibilities reflected in their profiles.

Why do they take on such additional responsibilities?

Here are a few reasons why they do. After reading them, you may rethink your priorities, and perhaps even proactively seek a board seat when an opportunity opens in your network. 

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