CEO Boot Camp Testimonials

At the end of each Boot Camp, we ask CEOs what they find most valuable about the program. They mention vibrant discussions with peers, interaction with functional experts and an intimate setting as some of the factors that contribute to its success. Below are a several testimonials of former Boot Camp attendees:
"The off-the-record environment and low-key atmosphere made it particularly valuable."
"The ideas and personal connections across peers and a high-power mix of speakers were terrific!"
"I appreciated the diversity in the room, the variety of industries and people. I liked to hear their stories."
"The thoughts have been intuitive for me, but now I know I need to move fast—and I will."
"I will be more proactive toward upgrading our board, based on the panel discussion."
"We've come so far, so fast that I thought we should slow down. Now, I know. We need to continue our pace and remove the non-performers."
"Timing was perfect as I'm about to start my new role. I will be writing down my three and five-year goals so I know where I want to end up."
"Some members of my team need to be elsewhere. I'd been waiting for people to adjust. I'm going to stop waiting."
"I'm looking forward to continuing the dialogue on an ongoing basis so we don't lose the relationships."
"We've been in a period of "diagnosis / repair." I'm going to rethink my timeline and move it up six months or so."
"I have too many transactional meetings. Beginning tomorrow, I want to shift to more leadership meetings."
"It's nice to see that everyone has holes in their boats, some bigger than mine."