Our Story

You are the CEO of your company. You know that mid-market companies are too big to be small, too small to be big, and often do not have the infrastructure or resources to compete with larger companies.

That’s where CEO Connection helps. We level the playing field. With more than 17,000 CEOs in our community, we provide you with connections, resources, and opportunities not usually accessible to individual mid-market companies.

Committed to helping you and your company succeed, CEO Connection is the only membership organization in the world focused exclusively on the mid-market. We are part peer group, part co-op purchasing group, and part trade association.

Collectively we represent mid-market views and perspectives as no other organization does. We function cooperatively to deliver customized and personalized value, maximizing CEOC members’ return on investment, requiring a minimum amount of time from member CEOs.

Join us. We know you do great things on your own, but together we can do even better.

Founded by CEOs, for CEOs

Kenneth Beck and George Bradt created CEO Connection to facilitate peer interactions among mid-market CEOs. Both men understood the challenges that come with leadership and, throughout their careers, valued the advice they received from their counterparts. They were not alone. Fellow C-level Wharton alumni also recognized the value of a strong professional network built on peer interaction.

After doing some research, George and Kenny discovered that 40% of new CEOs fail in their first 18 months … The reason: it is lonely at the top. They had no one with whom they could talk. Then they discovered that there are a myriad of organizations out there for small business CEOs, a few for the Fortune 500, but there were none for companies in the middle. Then they learned that mid-market companies account for $10 trillion of the $30 trillion of annual gross receipts in the United States, and for 30 million jobs. So they decided to launch an organization dedicated to helping mid-market CEOs and their companies succeed.

In early 2005, Kenneth and George launched the first CEO Boot Camp. The day-long program, with its stimulating discussions and debates, created many relationships and laid the groundwork for the CEO Connection membership organization. Today, CEO Connection is a dynamic, rapidly growing network of top mid-market leaders who represent a wide variety of industries, geographic locations, and ownership structures.

Mid-Market CEOs Helping Mid-Market CEOs

CEOC develops programs and benefits that we can do better collectively than you can do on your own.

Everything we do is based on three principles:

Enlightened self-interest: when you help someone else you wind up helping yourself too.
Tangible results: networking and events are a means to an end, not an end unto themselves. You should be able to find whatever you need through the community. The events are just one channel of distribution.
Small interactive events are more valuable and effective than large passive events. We would rather you be in a room with five CEOs getting to know each other than in a room with 500 CEOs listening to a speaker.