CEO Connection Mid-Market Convention

Where Talk Leads to Action

The world needs pragmatic, achievable solutions that take the long-term view. We need sustainable solutions that can balance the needs of the corporate world, the public today and the society of the future.

The leaders of the mid-market are uniquely qualified to craft these solutions. Collectively, mid-market companies account for $10 trillion annually of the $30 trillion U.S. private sector gross receipts.

This three-day convention, held at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania each fall, is designed to maximize value for mid-market CEOs. Keynotes and breakout sessions covering a range of critical mid-market issues and challenges are designed to lead to solutions, both at the company level and the industry level. CEOs in attendance will also have the opportunity to connect with peers and play a part in promoting the interests of the mid-market.

Mid-market CEOs know how to lead complex organizations and creatively use the resources to which they have access. They balance short and long-term needs to make their companies run efficiently. They have the understanding of scale small businesses lack and are affected by conditions on the ground from which the Fortune 500 are insulated.

The CEO Connection Mid-Market Convention is where mid-market CEOs come together to create a shared vision and actionable plans to benefit their companies and the mid-market as a whole.

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