Mid-Market Action Committees


The mid-market is where innovation meets scale, and is uniquely suited to make a difference. As such, the leadership of the mid-market must take an active role in addressing, from the mid-market perspective, the challenges facing society and the economy today.

To facilitate the role of the mid-market, we have Mid-Market Action Committees. The purpose of these committees is to focus on the most impactful ideas and funnel CEO Connection people, information, and resources into group, individual or corporate actions.

Serving on one or more of these committees enables you to connect with other Mid-Market CEOs, create opportunities for your company, and shape the mid-market perspectives on the issues which are important to you, all while collaborating on ideas to help change the world.

Below are the committees: To join any (or all) of these committees, please email committees@ceoconnection.com.

To speak with someone about upgrading from Basic membership, please contact membership@CEOConnection.com.