Talent Management Committee


The CEO Connection Talent Management Committee focuses on helping mid-market companies compete in the war for talent … and win.

The mission of the CEO Connection Talent Management Committee is to:
  1. Identify and create opportunities for individual mid-market companies and the mid-market at large around recruiting, education and retaining talent.
  2. Develop and encourage programs that can be support individual mid-market companies and the mid-market at large compete to talent.
  3. Connect members to resources that can help with Talent Management.
Jeff Kiesel, CEO, Restaurant Technologies, Inc. and Chair of the Talent Management Committee. With more than 25 years of senior leadership experience, Jeff is the head and heart of Restaurant Technologies. He led the company to expand into new regional service locations and evolve the Total Oil Management™ portal to meet the ever-changing needs of foodservice customers. Jeff joined in 2005 as CEO and stands by the set of values the company calls the 5 C’s – customer, character, commitment, courage and community. These values ensure that we put our customers and our community first – never being afraid to reach out to help, to lead by example, and always put our best foot forward. As part of this commitment, Jeff drives the Restaurant Technologies Cares program and is Chairman of the RTI Educational Foundation. He also serves on the Nixon Medical Board of Directors and the SALO Advisory Board.

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Serving on this committee is not designed to take a lot of time and will enable you to connect with other mid-market CEOs, create opportunities for your company, and shape the mid-market perspective on this important issue, while collaborating on ideas to help change the world.

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These issues affect you, your company and the people you care about. When the mid-market comes together, we can make a real difference.