Mark Bacon

Former President, La-Z-Boy Branded Business, La-Z-Boy Incorporated

More than 30 years of increasingly executive management experience at public traded companies with a strong track record of success in driving financial results, recruiting and retaining high performing executive teams, and has strong strategic qualifications that support his track record in all the companies he has held leadership positions. Bacon held senior leadership positions for two of the country's most popular and thriving retail giants at Wal-Mart and Staples during his tenure from 1991 to 2004. His responsibility for driving sales, growth in the stores overall network, and delivering strong financial results were key accomplishments during his tenure there. He also held a senior leadership position with Pepboy's from 2004 to 2007 where notably during his tenure with the company turned around a decade of declining revenues and repositioned over 600 stores from a branding and remodeling initiative that significantly improved the companies financial position. Since beginning his tenure in 2008 as SVP and Chief Retail Officer with La-Z-Boy he has continued his track record of driving financial results, recruiting and retaining high performing executive teams and carrying out the strategic vision of being an Integrated Retailer. After a few years in position he was quickly appointed to the role of SVP and President of La-Z-Boy Branded Business where he currently has full P and L responsibility for the La-Z-Boy Branded Business as well as serves as a named executive officer for La-Z-Boy Incorporated. Bacon has been recently recognized for his leadership in driving the La-Z-Boy branded business through the toughest economic times our country has been faced with. In 2008 the company had debt of over 200 million and less than 30 million in cash on hand. In 2009 the companies stock hit a low of 53 cents. Today the company is recognized for having no debt, over 150 million of cash on hand, and a stock that has reached a high of $30.00. The transformation of the La-Z-Boy brand from a manufacturing, marketing, merchandising, and integrated retail position has the company being recognized as the most recognized furniture brand in the furniture industry today. Bacon has strong leadership skills. He has the diversity of various business models he has managed during his career. He has the tenure and experience in working closely with the board of directors and he has keen abilities to work with the investment community and shareholders. Bacon credits his success to the countless support from all those he has worked with at all levels of the organizations he has been providing leadership to. He states that his career and experience have benefited by working with some of the best brands and retailers in the world today. He equally feels those companies, employees, and shareholders have benefited through the results that have been achieved.