CEO Connection Angel Investor Network


Large companies are creating venture capital funds to buy innovation. But many mid-market companies do not have the infrastructure and/or bandwidth to do the same. CEO Connection (CEOC) leverages the combined resources of the mid-market to provide instant scale, enhancing mid-market companies’ abilities to compete.



Angel Investor Network Benefits

  • Support from the CEOC Innovation Committee & Angel Investor Network.

  • Invitation to CEO Connection Annual Convention and Business Plan Showcase.

  • Access to the Angel Investing Breakout Session at the Annual Convention.

  • CEO Connection Community Support and Exposure.

  • Access to one additional CEOC Event during the year.


How it Works

  1. After signing up, one of our investment managers will work with you and your team to create an investor/corporate fund profile. Your profile will include details on investment preferences and details regarding your specific needs (such as timing).

  2. Our team will then send you vetted, quality deal-flow opportunities for consideration throughout the year, sourced in part through our alliance partners with some of the world’s top universities.

  3. You receive admittance to the CEOC Annual Convention which includes access to the Angel Investor Network Breakout Session as well as Business Plan Showcase.


Below are just some of the startups applying for membership in the CEOC Angel Investor Network. Our affiliate incubators currently include Wharton/Penn Ventures and NYU.


Company 1: A powerful approach to diagnosing cancer at the early stages.

Company 2: A graphene-based biosensor platform that revolutionizes point of care diagnostics.

Company 3: A series of social workout applications and remote trainer interaction.

Company 4: A nanotechnology approach to increasing footwear traction.


How to Sign Up

CEOC members and/or their companies may participate. The annual fee to participate is $5,000. The fee is waived for Corporate and Platinum members. To upgrade your membership, click here.


If you intend to invest in an individual/independent basis, you will need to qualify for Angel Investor Network membership by being an accredited investor per rules. (In its simplest definition, it requires a net worth of $1 million or an annual income over $200,000.)


To apply to participate in the CEO Connection Angel Investor Network, email us at: