CEO Connection Mid-Market Business Acumen Workshop

Powered by Andromeda Simulations

CEO Connection and Andromeda Simulations have partnered to offer you a new free member benefit: an employee education and retention program that is typically only available to Fortune 500 companies, but has now been customized for mid-market companies like yours.

The Mid-Market Challenge from Andromeda is a 4-hour business acumen workshop where people will think they are playing a board game business simulation, but actually they are learning about business:
  • financial terminology
  • financial statements
  • cost structure
  • the importance of cash flow
  • how and why to minimize working capital
  • KPI-based decision-making
Everyone in the company can make better business decisions and those lead to better business results. Wide-ranging benefits include better communication (and shorter meeting times!), improved pricing, stronger inventory management, attention to cash flow, and more-accurate budgeting.

These workshops have been improving ROI for over 20 years at companies like HP, BASF and Michelin and Andromeda has helped develop business acumen in tens of thousands of employees.

As a member of CEO Connection not only do you have access to this phenomenal program but you also receive one workshop, for up to 24 people, for FREE!*

Available only through CEO Connection, this program is another example of what we can do by leveraging the combined power of the mid-market community!

To learn more about this program, or to be connected with our contact at Andromeda Simulations who can share more details, please email or give us a call at (800) 244-4719.

*Excluding travel & expenses.