CEOC Growfund: An Employee Engagement and Social Impact Tool


CEO Connection and Global Impact have partnered to offer you a member benefit that gives your company access to an employee engagement and social impact tool normally only available to Fortune 500 companies, and exclusively available to our members.

With CEOC Growfund powered by Global Impact, your company can:
  • Strengthen your employee engagement.
  • Expand and promote your corporate social impact footprint.
  • Create generations of strategic charitable giving from your employees.
  • Enable your employees to create their own Donor Advised Funds (essentially a personal foundation.
  • Direct grants to over 800,000 US charities.
CEOC Growfund can be white labeled, making all this possible through your own brand.

The Need This Partnership Addresses
Research has shown that companies that support the desire of employees to be engaged in making a positive impact on the world can be vital in your talent acquisition efforts. It can boost productivity, enhance morale, and decrease turnover.

Exclusive Affordable Access for CEO Connection Membership
Despite these benefits, the costs of tools that facilitate employee giving and engagement can run into the hundreds of thousands and has proven a high barrier to mid-market companies. CEOC Growfund allows mid-market companies to set up an employee engagement solution at a fraction of the cost paid by Fortune 500 companies.

How it works
Growfund operates just like a 401(k) plan. As part of your existing HR processes employees sign-up through payroll deduction and from there have tax-deductible contributions deposited into their account every pay period. Just like a 401(k) your company can match, make one-time contributions, and the account stays with the employee for life.

Set-up fees are waived for Corporate level CEOC Members. This includes setup for payroll deduction and white labeling of the online tool. In addition, you will pay no annual maintenance fee in Year 1.

Global Impact is a CEOC member and has been creating employee engagement programs for 60 years for companies including: Accenture, United Airlines, Hewlett Packard and federal agencies through the Combined Federal Campaigns.

Next Steps
Available only through CEO Connection and free to Corporate members, this program is another example of what we can do by leveraging the combined power of the mid-market community.

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