Government Relations Committee


The CEO Connection Government Relations Committee works to develop initiatives and strategies to increase access to government resources and programs for mid-market companies.

The mission of the CEO Government Relations Committee is to:
  1. Identify and connect members to government programs and resources to provide new opportunities for mid-market companies.
  2. Create partnerships with government agencies to develop programs to benefit individual mid-market companies and the mid-market at large.
  3. Have an impact on government policies and regulations related to mid-market companies by establishing channels through which to provide input.
Paul Decker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mathematica Policy Research, is the chairperson of the CEO Connection Government Relations Committee. Paul Decker has led Mathematica Policy Research since 2007, expanding and diversifying the company’s operations and strengthening its commitment to improving public well-being by developing rigorous, objective research to help policymakers make informed decisions.

A nationally recognized education and labor researcher, Decker is a leading figure in policy research who writes and speaks on trends in the field, including the emergence of Big Data and its impact on public program evaluation and management.

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Serving on this committee is not designed to take a lot of time and will enable you to connect with other Mid-Market CEOs, create opportunities for your company, and shape the mid-market perspective on this important issue, all while collaborating on ideas to help change the world.

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These issues affect you, your company and the people you care about. When the mid-market comes together, we can make a real difference.