Carpedia is a tactical resource used by high performance organizations interested in step change performance improvement.

With no capital investment required and using only the assets already deployed, our teams are embedded within an organization full-time to get the job done on predetermined timelines and cost.

We provide the methodology, skills, and expertise to achieve results above and beyond what our clients are able to accomplish with their own resources.

We do not write reports. We help our clients physically implement measurable improvements in their product, process, systems, and behaviors. By providing them with our methodology, skills, and tools we help them improve their operating cash flows, increase the visibility into the business, better align management and reduce variability between budget plans and actual results.

Carpedia works with leading companies in many industries including manufacturing, healthcare, food and beverage, finance, software development, retail, hospitality, and logistics. Our clients include The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, H.J. Heinz, DHL, Manulife Financial, The Yale-New Haven Hospital and we are proud that 94% of our clients act as references on our behalf. For more information, visit